Experienced Managing Various Projects

Below Are Three Recent Projects



Natural Serum

Tackled the challenge of creating a new brand, marketing CBD in a space where CBD is banned on networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. High volume sales generated through Affiliate Marketing.



 Was with the company from the original idea to profitability. Created landing pages and marketing campaigns that produced an ROI. Most successful campaign was through Facebook after creating a lookalike campaign of targeted customers. 

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Modern Slab

Designed and constructed tables, furniture, and countertops. Marketed through various places such as Facebook groups, social media, and more. 

Producing Revenue


I started internet marketing in the early days. In the early days of internet marketing no one knew about link building, page titles, and the little tricks to rank high on Google. This is where I started. I built a foreign based team that would build links to my specifications and experienced success in the most difficult SEO verticals on the internet. Ranking in the top three for keywords such as payday loans, security systems, and many more. I chose to tackle these keywords because leads from these websites were extremely profitable. After SEO became more difficult and less predictive I took advantage of Social Media Marketing. I was part of a team that built brands from nothing but reaching out to influencers on Instagram. Facebook has always proved to be a profitable platform to advertise on. 


Over the last year I have been part of a three person team that has produced thousands of sales through affiliate marketing. Paying a straight high dollar CPA to many affiliates then monetizing that data through email, phone, and text marketing. 


 High Converting Landing Pages

High Converting Landing Pages

    Pre-Sale or Advertorial Pages


Pre-Sale or Advertorial Pages

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Influencer Outreach

Building brands by reaching out to social media influencers. 

Managing Teams & Projects


Experience managing both local and foreign teams of marketers, web developers, and designers. Complex development projects such as:

Affiliate Tracking Software:  Load balancing, Link Building Software, SEO Automation Tools, Custom CRM's, & Custom Shopping Ca